Sunday, July 16, 2006

It isn't ALWAYS about the fiber.......


Sometimes ...well...there's THIS! And lots of other things, but tonight, I wanted to introduce you to Bubby and Mistress Bess. (That's the venerable old gal in the bottom picture)


What are they? Pot Bellied Kids, of course! And lest you've been under the impression that Pot Bellied Kids are CUTE, think again! *I* happen to find them adorable and charming but when experiencing them live and in full color, most folks' don't blurt out how cute they are! Now, my pots aren't paper-carrying, well groomed, show type pigs. (oh man...I must've influenced them somehow!) They're your average, everyday pot bellies with their own personalities and looks. Neither one of them have luxurious bristles, Bess is as old as the hills (EIGHTEEN!!!) and Bubby is, well....a huge fat thing in his prime. They can be snotty, demanding, and a royal PITA sometimes. But mostly they eat and sleep and wander around. Bess causes the most trouble, even in her golden years. Bubby mostly just looks like that all the time. I used to have a really cute SMALL pink and black pot named Rose but she's no longer with us. I'll have to dig up a pic and scan it. (She was pre-digital camera). SHE was really lovely, with lots of bristles and an adorable face. She was also a mean little shit! Pretty faces can hide myriad faults, my friends! I still miss her.

I've had pot bellied pigs off and on for many years, and at one time rescued them in Oklahoma. At that time, I had 30 of them at once! I could spout off for hours about how they are NOT the greatest pet on the planet, at least not for most people. (Hence the reason I had 30 living with me). And apparently, they live forever! I dearly love my two, though...I just wish they did interesting things to blog about. Once, Bubby got stuck in a dog house and we had to cut him out. That was pretty interesting.

I could take lots of photos of them laying in their houses or in the shade or in the sun. I could get MANY shots of them with gobs of wet food hanging from their adorable rooters, or pre-dinner shots when they're foaming at the mouth in anticipation. But then I'd be out of material. Ah well...I'll try to catch them doing something of interest in the future! For now, rest assured that this is what they do.......

More fibery fun tomorrow but I couldn't resist sharing one of the more bizarre aspects of my life tonight! Bon Apetit!


At 2:54 PM, Anonymous Robin said...

Leah, your piggies are adorable!! My father was a policeman and when they started calling policemen
"pigs", he started collecting them. Has them made of all kinds of material - clay, coal, wood, crystal, gourd, etc. He even wore a pig tie tac with his uniform! Thanks for sharing!


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